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Four Plays by Saleh Karama Al Aameri

Four Plays by Saleh Karama Al Aameri
Under One Umbrella

Programme 1
One More Try
Directed by Maggie Hannan

‘We imagine a revolution because of the one going on inside of us’

A prisoner, about to go on trial for the murder of her husband whom she caught in adultery with her best friend, has accepted her fate and is looking forward to the death penalty.  She is confronted by her attorney who wants to free her.  But what is freedom?  Are any of us really free?

Sea Breeze  Directed by Robert Liddington

‘We've exhausted ourselves and have been unable to see anything worth mentioning.’

Four characters, confined in their story. One, the guiding force, leads them on rough and tumble journey, looking for a way out. Another is skeptical about his motives and the outcome of the enterprise. A third is fearful yet posturing and the fourth is the anchor who brings them down to a kind of reality. All of them are prisoners of their behaviour, attitudes, abilities and inabilities; they come face to face with their frailties and limitations. In doing so, they give us some insight into this predicament. But will they ever escape?

Programme 2
Evening Chat
Directed by Faisal Salah and Faisal Al Jadir

‘Patience is death’

Two estranged brothers finally meet. Their long delayed encounter is plagued by secrets of their pasts, which they will have to reveal sooner rather than later.

Directed by Zakaia Cvitanovich

‘The truth is what the present does to the past.’

A man, sitting in his cafe hears a knock at the door.  His self-imposed isolation is infiltrated by a woman: a woman who manifests into other women.  Are the women real? Or is all this happening in his imagination? Have the mistakes of his youth come back to haunt him? Or is he just a man in his twilight alone with his memories?

Programme 1:  November 13, 15, 21, 23
Programme 2: November 14, 16, 20, 22

Emirates Writers Union Auditorium
The National Theatre, 8pm

There will be an after show talk with the actors and playwright immediately following the Wednesday evening performances on the 13th and 20th   of November.

Adult ticket price AED 75

Special Offer For Schools:  Student ticket price  AED 50;   1 Teacher free for every 6 students

Booking will be through Time Out tickets

To pre-book    email    Maggie Hannan     050 837 1563

Trojan Women presented with a new play, Horqos


Back By Popular Demand!

Trojan Women presented with a new play, H

Resuscitation Theatre to hold CASTING WORKSHOPS in September

Resuscitation Theatre is thrilled to announce its upcoming CASTING WORKSHOPS in September for its 2014/15 season in association with The Emirates W

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Trojan Woman

A very moving tale

Resuscitation Theatre is thrilled to announce its most ambitious project to date, Trojan Woman.   Set in Troy whi
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resuscitation theatre


Four Plays by Saleh Karama Al Aameri

Four Plays by Saleh Karama Al Aameri
Under One

Playreading Sessions

During July and August, resuscitation theatreTestimonials

One More Try

One More Try is at the Emirates Writers’ Union Auditorium located in on the mezzanine level in the National Theatre.  Opposite Abu Dhabi


Resuscitation theatre announces its season finale!

In a departure from its usual brand of resuscitating classic tex

The Cocktail Party